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You Me & Charlie | Date a Girl Who Reads.


This is a fabulous write up that made me smile. It talks about why guys should date girls who read. Some of the comments stated are so very true.

This past Christmas my boyfriend gave me a kindle and I walk around telling people that he gave me the world.

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Only a few minutes ago, I finished the book Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke. The book itself was a very enjoyable read and definitely left me with quite a bit to think about. I guess the best way to present what this book is about with giving away too many details is to go ahead and quote the back cover of my copy.

The Last Generation of Mankind on Earth. Without warning, giant silver ships from deep space appear in the skies above every major city on Earth. They are manned by the Overlords…mysterious creatures from an alien race who soon take over control of the world. Within fifty years, these brilliant masters have all but eliminated ignorance, disease, poverty and fear. Then suddenly this golden age ends… and the end of Mankind Begins!

Before I read the book, this introduction seemed rather hoaxy but now it does not feel that way to me in the least. The story depicts the end of mankind as we know them in a very thought provoking and almost sad way.

When I finished reading the book, I was left with a sensation of emptiness that sympathized with the last remaining man as he described the end of his world. I was also filled with questions on the value of life, family, and other things I can not seem to place into written words.

What is the value of life? We individually exist for such a short span on time on our Earth. Yet, that fact doesn’t really seem to bother many because we know that “we” as a race will continue to live on. What happens to our identity and assurance of living on past death as a part of a larger entity or species when our species could become extinct in the blink of an eye?

Two different approaches draw out of these contemplations: either mankind can do all we individually can to live our lives to the fullest, or we give up and allow ourselves to waste away precious time.

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