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You Me & Charlie | Date a Girl Who Reads.


This is a fabulous write up that made me smile. It talks about why guys should date girls who read. Some of the comments stated are so very true.

This past Christmas my boyfriend gave me a kindle and I walk around telling people that he gave me the world.

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Charles Hazlewood: Trusting the ensemble | Video on TED.com.


There is nothing quite like the power of music to create a community and trust. This Ted talk discusses just that. Conductor Charles Hazlewood gives a brilliant presentation of the different ways that trust is formed and needed in music. Also the video is filled with some beautiful musical segments. There is nothing quite like using a live string ensemble as an active part of a lecture.

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How Yoga Won the West – NYTimes.com.

I found this article by Anne Louise Bardarch to be interesting. When I have more time I will work on reading it closely and then researching more about Vivekananda.

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Really? The Claim: Musicians Have a Greater Risk of Hearing Loss – NYTimes.com.

This article caught my eye when I was browsing the New York times during a class on journalism. It was interesting to learn that the assumption about band students loosing hearing faster could be a myth.

I often blame my patchy hearing on the fact that I do marching band and sit right in front of the drum line. I can definitely hone in on specific conversations against a backdrop of noise. Yet, there are other times when I have difficulty hearing what people are saying when they are talking to me.

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