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Good Morning world. The process of training my body to begin waking up before 8 has begun, and I didn’t even initiate it. This morning I found my eyes opening much sooner than I had planned to. The first time I woke up and became groggily aware of my surroundings was 6:30am. That lovely hour was way too early for my college student mind so I just rolled over. However, sleeping in was apparently not an option. I woke up again at 7:30 am and decided it would be too annoying to try falling asleep again.

My body seems to have its own alarm clock sometimes, complete with snooze setting. Depending on when I go to bed and whatever pattern of living I create, my sleep cycles shift and I end up waking up around the same time every morning without the aid of an alarm clock.

This means that while at school I end up waking up at 8:00am when I have classes at 9:30am. Over the summer, my wake-up schedule becomes warped for a span of time until I catch up on the sleep I lost during the year. Eventually the fluctuations level out and I begin to function like a regular human being (at least regular in terms of my family) again.

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