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Post its are miraculous things. They can be put anywhere to remind, encourage, decorate, mark important sections in books, and countdown. I have them everywhere and I don’t know what I would do as an English and religious studies major if I did not have post-its to help me survive.

With my school semester coming to a close, my post its are helping me now to stay motivated and focus on the assignments I have left between me and winter break. I have a note place on my apartment wall for each assignment, quiz, or exam I still need to complete. This is a photo of my wall before thanksgiving break to give you an idea of what I’m doing. (It is backwards because I used photo booth on my Mac.) Since then, I have been productive enough to remove three sticky notes. When I remove the notes a weight is lifted from my shoulders because it is another thing gone and I can actually see my pile of work shrink in a tangible form.

My room mate liked the idea of my post-it to do wall that she created one for herself as well. Her being a nursing major, there are many many more serious post-its on her portion of the wall. But, either way we both have a way to know what we need to do and stay motivated by the chance to remove one post-it at a time from the wall.

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Good morning universe,

Today looks like it will be a beautiful and productive day for me. I finished writing and handed in my academic paper for British Traditions (a class I am taking for college). It is amazing how much more relaxed I feel now that it is done and out of my hands. I almost wish I could just sit back and have a lazy day with just a non-school assigned book. But, that can not happen. I must keep pushing along. I have another paper to write for religion that must be done by Friday and I need to start my third and final paper for British Traditions as soon as possible.

I realized earlier this morning that I haven’t really been making any serious posts but rather small blurbs on what is going on in my life. I feel a little bad for that because this blog is meant to be an exploration of different ideas. However, then I thought about that any person’s life is an exploration. If we stand back and look at events from a different eye and try to find meaning in everything valuable lessons can be discovered.

My quote for today will be:

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

I’ll write again soon,

Text Wanderer

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It is 10:03 pm on a Sunday night and I have been sitting here in my friend’s suite for the past two hours reading about the Mormons and studying for my upcoming mid-term exam in Science and the Bible.

The former was an okay experience. For the particular segment of my assignment I had to read the first 35 pages of the book Building The Kingdom: A History of Mormons in America. The whole reading was mostly a brief history of how the Mormon faith was founded and ended with the mormons leaving Nauvoo because of threats and attacks.

In this reading there were a number of things I found the need to highlight that dealt with their beliefs. First of these was the concept of the Three Kingdoms of Heaven.

Those who believed in Christ and lived according to the commandments went to the highest or “celestial” kingdom. People of good will who did not accept the gospel went to the “terrestrial” kingdom. And the wicked-liars, adulturers, whoremongers- headed to the third kingdom, the “telestial.” …

… Even wicked persons had a place in heaven… Only those who denied the Holy Spirit and chose to give themselves to Lucifer rather than Christ went to the true hell…

The idea that anyone who accepts the Holy Spirit can still go to some sort of positive afterlife is a comforting thought. For those who would be condemned in the eyes of other christian denominations this ideal must seem so forgiving and welcoming.

My only question that may go against the positive feel of this concept would be:

Do other faiths fall under the category of a person accepting the Holy Spirit?

I would like to think so. To me the Holy Spirit is more related to holy energy that is all encompassing than belonging to one faith. I feel that the Holy Spirit is experienced by all peoples, just in different forms.

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