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In a previous post I talked about the fact that I am a CLA this semester. I have a second academia-related job. On Mondays and Wednesdays I sit in on a communications class and take notes for one of the students. This job definitely isn’t as fulfilling as my CLA position but it is still a worthwhile task.

The benefit of working as a scribe for a communications class is that there are very few notes I actually need to take. In the time I need to sit here for the class I am allowed to have my laptop out and do whatever work I want.

Today, the students in the communications class have to introduce each-other. Today is probably one of the most awkward of the days because nobody knows quite what to do. They are all nervous about their first time talking in front of the entire class.

Lets just say I am very glad that I never have to give speeches in this type of class again. I had my turn last year. Now I get to just sit and watch the freshmen of this year squirm.

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